Trekking Tips: How to Do a Better Preparation for Rinjani Climb

How to Do a Better Preparation for Rinjani Climb?

Learning through years of experiences leading tour and trekking trips to mount Rinjani we find it will be useful to share tips and ideas of how to do a better preparation for the climb.

For real hikers, Rinjani probably isn’t a tough mountain, they can easily do it in a shorter days and do not need any special preparations as long as they are physically fit. But doing it solo by mean without using local guide or at least porter is really really not recommended by the park authority.

For beginners, making a good planning before heading to the hike is an absolute. It is aimed to lessen any problems, difficulties and any issues which probably can raise later.

Useful Tips for a Successful Rinjani Trekking Trip

Below are some preparation tips when you plan to do hiking trip to Rinjani to help you especially beginners to be well prepared:

  1. Decide how long and destination you want to hike. There are different packages offered by most trekking operator. For an example, Hajar Trekking – Rinjani trekking company which base in Senaru offers at least 15 trekking and tour package options to choose. The packages are well described, which one for beginners, experts and which suits a large group, all with amount of days the trip will take.
  2. Choose a local trekking organizer. Booking with local operators will let you face them and discuss a better preparation face to face. A local price is also always reasonable. The local operators are the original sources if you need actual information of the mountain.
  3. Consult your starting point with your organizer. There are two most used and very famous trekking routes; Senaru village on the west and Sembalun Lawang on the east. If you think that top of Rinjani is your priority, starting the hike via Sembalun Lawang can be better choice as it is the nearest way to reach the summit. Many hikers also start the trip from Senaru village to walk through the exotic rain-forest and heading to the summit at the last day. The idea is doing the easier trek first las with the hardest climbing to the peak.
  4. Choose to stay overnight in Senaru before you starting the hike. Senaru is the easiest accessed village on the slope of mount Rinjani which offers its best spots for holiday makers. Many activities can be done here such as visiting the famous Sindanggile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls and so on.
  5. Bring 2-3 pair of T-shirt because it gets cold at night, a warm jacket, a short, glove, an easy dry towel, head-lamp, and a long trouser, a jeans is not recommended. Trekking poles are also highly recommended to help you climb the summit easier (by way keep steady).
  6. Pack as light as possible. Bring the most important things only.
  7. Do the trek with your own group, the more the better to get cheaper budget.
  8. Never book an economic sharing package if you have a medium or lower level of fitness. The participant of a sharing group are mostly experts and have ability to walk in a quicker tempo for a further distance. Avoiding to hear any issues later.

packing light and avoid overpack helps you much to conquering the mountain.

Be prepared! Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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