• Mount Rinjani Trek Organizer

    Mount Rinjani Local Trekking Tour Package Organizer

    Since Mount Rinjani becomes more and more popular as tourists destination in Indonesia, more and more tourists from all over the world come to see its scenic sites it has to offer.

    Climbers from all over the world who come have significant effects to the people in Lombok especially those who live on the foot of the mountain.

    To serve thousands of climbers there are lots of Rinjani Trekking Company and Tour Organizers which can be found on the foot of the mountain especially in Senaru and Sembalun Village.

    Most of the Rinjani trekking organizers are base in Senaru village and some are in Sembalun and the city of Senggigi. One of them is Hajar Trekking; the Rinjani trekking planner Senaru.

    HAJAR TREKKING Tour & Travel is a local Rinjani trekking organizer born of seasoned professional participants of long time experiences in hospitality industries specialized in organizing daily tour and trekking trip to mount Rinjani, the three-Gilis exploration and land-cruising trip to the main island of Lombok. We base in Senaru village, the main gate to Rinjani National Park.

    We aim to provide best assist on our customers’ trip and bring them to a closer contact with local people, culture and nature without omitting its natural feel, atmosphere, touch and on the clients’ priority attention with both local and western approach.

    Our mission is to deliver friendliest and professional services by maintaining a resourceful, dedicated and focused work force in an affordable and competitive pricing.

    We offer all of hiking packages to Mount Rinjani, transportation service, Senaru accommodations reservation, waterfalls sightseeing and tour trip to the main island of Lombok and the Gilis. We are also available for sharing any information needed.

    Contact us now for the best deal!


far....far in the east on the hill behind the mountain opposite the river, the real two feet adventure » Hajar Trekking

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