how to train for Rinjani climb

How to Train for Mount Rinjani Climb

How to train for Mt. Rinjani climb; exercises to do as agood preparation before heading to hard trek

Rinjani trekking is a popular outdoor activity which has been a favorite of many people to fill the vacation time. Enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain is an incomparable thrill. Just ask the climbers who have seen the sweetness of the beautiful scenery from the mountain peaks, of course we would get a more or less equal, sensational.

Their feeling of satisfaction after summiting Rinjani does not come by itself but of course need to struggle hard to achieve all the sensations that come after conquering the mountain peak, with a gift of natural scenic beauty that extend in all directions of the wind from the highest part.

Tips to Train for Mount Rinjani Climb

Journey to the top of Rinjani mountain is not as easy as some might imagine, the path uphill, steep terrain, load supplies on the shoulders are a few requirements that we must conquer before reaching the summit of Rinjani. For that, we need excellent physical strength as a key enabler of the way up the mountain.

Sometimes, adverse events or accidents while climbing Mount Rinjani can also be caused by physical weakness of climbers (in addition to natural factors). Suggested for  us who will be traveling up Rinjani to first perform physical exercise as a preparation.


Physical Exercise

Physical exercise before climbing the mountain is better done several weeks before the departure time. Do take time for your physical training – routine 2-3 weeks prior to your departure trip up the mountain.

Physical exercise before mountain climbing can be done with a variety of physical exercise as the way to train for Rinjani climb. It is necessary to note, that when climbing a Rinjani Mountain, our feet will the most work, therefore, try to leave a portion of the leg muscles exercise more than any others.

Train to strengthen our leg muscles by doing a lot jogging, biking, or brisk walking. In addition to the foot, other body parts such as arms, back and shoulders should also have extra work, especially if we are going to load lots supplies in our backpack. Physical exercise for this body part can be done with push-ups, pull-ups, or lifting weights.

With excellent physical strength, climbing up the Mount Rinjani  will be passed smoothly, safely, and away from injury. No matter that we are a beginner or an experienced climber  physical preparation before climbing the mountain remains to be done.


How about you? Do you have any tips how to train for Mount Rinjani climb? Please share with us!


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