• 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Hiking Mount Rinjani

    A friend of my old friend had a big DOUBT to come all the way […]

  • rinjani trek difficulty

    Mount Rinjani trek difficulty – For the majority of people, climbing Rinjani is a very […]

  • how to plan your epic mount Rinjani trekking adventure tour

    Make your Rinjani trek safer and easier! Do a good planning  then reach out your […]

  • myfiveacre and hajar rinjani trekking planner (1)

    Hajar Trekking was really happy to have a visit from a couple of international adventure […]

  • Catherine Ching and Mount Rinjani tour

    Hajar Trekking is very happy to have a honor to assist Catherine Ching with 2 […]

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