Catherine Ching and Mount Rinjani tour

CATCHINGTRAVELS: Conquering The Sleeping Beast – Mount Rinjani 3D2N

Hajar Trekking is very happy to have a honor to assist Catherine Ching with 2 of her colleagues. She is a adventurer and a travel blogger who just started blogging as soon as she completed her Rinjani climb.

Below is quote of her story:

“… I first read about Mount Rinjani when my bestie, MJ (get used to this name, she’ll definitely be making lotsa appearance in this blog, shall I keep blogging) climbed it, back in June 2014. After reading her post on Facebook, I did some googling on this mountain and that fact that it’s an active volcano had me sold. Although it lies 3,726m above sea level which is actually lower than Mount Kinabalu (4,096m), hikers who have scaled both mountains will assure you that Rinjani, despite being lower than Kinabalu is a much tougher hike (after doing both, I strongly agree with this claim), and is not to be taken lightly. Many attempted the summit, only to fail to do so, reaching only the crater rims …”


She also tells how she got to know with us…


“..The easiest way is definitely to fly into Lombok. Alternatively, you can also get to Lombok by taking a boat/ferry/domestic flight from Bali. AirAsia Malaysia was having flight promo somewhere end of last year and after psycho-ing a friend of mine, Yee Lu to tag along, I proceed to contact Hajar from Rinjani Trekking Planner (which was introduced to me by MJ) to arrange our hiking package. Once a specified date is agreed upon, I proceed to book flight return tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok and from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (yes, it was way much cheaper than flying direct from Singapore and better flight time too)…”


Please read her full story on by visiting her blog on the following link:


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Conquering The Sleeping Beast – Mount Rinjani 3D2N



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