rinjani trek difficulty

Mount Rinjani Trek Difficulty – Does It Require a High Fitness Level?

Mount Rinjani trek difficulty – For the majority of people, climbing Rinjani is a very challenging experience. But anyone with a reasonable fitness level can manage to reach the crater rim, or even the summit. Local porters are carrying all food and camping equipment, which makes it much easier for you to actually complete the trek.

Mount Rinjani Trail Condition

The majority of the route represents a normal trekking path, although there is a harder portion in the last 1 hour just before reaching the summit. No rock climbing or technical climbing skills are needed.

Rinjani trek difficulty

The climb to the Rinjani summit is optional however. You can choose a package that doesn’t go to the summit, like the 2 Days 1 Night package. Or, you can choose a package that includes the summit climb (3 Days 2 Nights and 2 Days 1 Night Rinjani trek), and decide at the end of the first day if you want to do it on the second day. If you feel that the first day was hard on your body and decide to skip the second day summit climb, you can always decide to do so.

Mount Rinjani Trek Difficulty Part

The path is difficult as its steep and and the ground is mostly soft sand that means for every two steps forward you might drop one step back. Furthermore, the way is fully exposed that means there can be strong winds and it can be really freezing. This said, this trek is really not an easy one and you should bring a decent physical fitness.

If you do manage to make it to the top, so be prepared – especially warm clothes. Bring a jacket and gloves as it may get chilly up there. Remember proper attire like windproof clothes and appropriate hiking boots and headlamp.

Rinjani trek difficulty

Also, do not forget your sunblock as you can get sunburn easier the higher you go. Please check recommended packing list for trekking Rinjani which will definitely needed. The view is magnificent and well worth it looking at the crater and all the way to the island of Bali and the Gilis while surrounded by giant clouds. The photography here is also out of the world!

Tips to Survive on Rinjani Trek

Take extra precautions and safety when you plan to trek up Mount Rinjani and whether you want to reach the summit or not. There have been reports of fatalities here. The trek is also challenging and not to be taken lightly. Make sure your guide are well concerned with the safety of everyone. Also stay informed with the volcanic activities as it is still an active volcano. Read also 7 Essential Tips for Surviving a Mount Rinjani Trek by Jane Mountain.

Also please keep the mountain clean and do your bit to clean up after yourself. It is also recommended to take a guide or join a group hiking up Mount Rinjani for safety.

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