• rinjani closure time

    Mount Rinjani park will be closed for any of mountaineering activities from the 2nd week of January to the end of March (3 months) regarding to heavy rain which might endangers lives.

    Moreover the park is normally open for trekking and camping activities from 1st of April to 6th of January yearly.
    April to June is considered the best time to climb because of the beginning of hiking season as well as the end of rainy-season. It means the green landscapes can still be seen and lower amount of hikers found during these periods.

    The very high trekking season is from the early of July and to the late August; the track will be hectic during these two months. Then September to the first week of January are also a good time to do hiking.

    Holidays at the end of Ramadan (7th of July 2016)
    As the end of Ramadan is a very special event for the people on Lombok and they are all celebrating with their family, most trekking operator decided to make a day off for our team and don’t offer hiking trips on 7th of July 2016.
    It’s possible to make the 2 days / 1 night tour on 5th – 6th of July and on 8th – 9th of July.
    The 3 days / 2 nights treks we offer from 4th -6th of July and from 8th – 10th of July.
    The last 4 days / 3 nights tour is from 3th – 6th of July and then again from 8th – 11th of July.



far....far in the east on the hill behind the mountain opposite the river, the real two feet adventure » Hajar Trekking

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