• Walking in a long-distance like climbing mount Rinjani will certainly give the greater risk of injury. Usually most climbers complain of interference in muscles and joints that can cause swelling and pain. Therefore, our team from Physio Care Hike Hajar Trekking Senaru are ready to provide physiotherapy to suport your adventures both before and after the climb. In this case, physiotherapy services done by visiting you at your hotel by inspecting physiotherapy to treatment and evaluation. In general, the treated conditions are in the form of blisters, cramp and muscle spasm, muscle strain, sprain in your joint, back pain, illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS), Etc.

    Various models of Kinesio Tapping installation before starting your ascent to suport the working muscles and injury prevention efforts


    The first treatment on using Elastic Bandage Ankle sprain to restrict movement in the ankle


    Treatment methods using Kinesio Taping Ankle sprain to minimize swelling


    Infrared use in treating disorders of the muscles and reduce pain and improve circulation


    Ice use in treatment to reduce swelling


    Interferential current use for muscle relaxation and decrease pain


    Services Rate: Below is a list of service rate depending on type of treatment given

    No Types of Treatment Duration Rate in IDR
    1 Physioteraphy Exam          / Season 70,000
    2 Perawatan Blister          / Season 60,000
    3 IRR   / 10 Minutes 50,000
    4 Interferential Current  / 10 Minutes 50,000
    5 Kinesio Taping         / Cut 45,000
    6 Iced Teraphy / 10 Minutes 50,000
    7 Elastic Bandage         / Rol 70,000
    8 Manual Theraphy / 10 minutes 50,000
    9 Exercise Theraphy         / Season 70,000


far....far in the east on the hill behind the mountain opposite the river, the real two feet adventure » Hajar Trekking

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