• Mount Rinjani Trekking Package

    How to Plan Rinjani Trekking Package on the Cheaper Budget?

    All holiday-makers certainly want to save the budget in every trip they are going to do. The reason is just simple; by saving the cost they will be able to go to another place they aim to. The cheaper they spend for a trip the more places they can possibly visit for the next chance.

    The same case is when hikers plan to go climbing mount Rinjani, most of them want to do it on the cheap price by searching low cost Mount Rinjani Trekking Package. Before going further, let’s pause at the questions “is it possible? How come it be? What to do then?

    A trekking trip to Rinjani involves many parties; they might be hoteliers, trekking planners, guide and porters, drivers, and other stake-holders.

    Among those, guides and porters are the most used in the trekking trip. Foods and drinks in Lombok are probably not as expensive as they are in European countries, but loading them up to the mountain  must cost a lot of money. The number of guides and porters hired in a trekking trip determine the quality and how safe the trip is.

    Having enough number of mountain guides and porters is the very basic requirements to make a trip safe and success.

    Ways to Save Rinjani Trekking Cost

    Back to the question “how to trekking Rinjani on the cheap” or how to enjoy cheap Mount Rinjani Trekking Package. The most useful tips are, hikers are highly recommended to have their own group, the more participant involves in it the cheaper per person will pay for the trekking trip, so that vice verse.

    The more participant means the more travel-mates with whom to share the general cost of trekking trip.

    The next tip is, hikers are recommended to book their trip at local operators in Senaru or Sembalun. Local trekking planner usually offer affordable prices since they operate the trip by themselves. The other reason to choose local operators is you will see them at the area where you begin your hike.

    Lastly, if you have only a small group, it is a smart decision to book your trip with a trekking operator who offers medium price. Hajar Trekking can be a better choice. We do not offer a luxury Mount Rinjani trekking package to let you save your money nor a super budget trip to avoid experiencing a horrible trip; lack of logistics. To summarize with, there are still some ways to have a lower price Rinjani trekking package to mount Rinjani with a good quality.

    Are you ready for an adventurous trekking tour? Give us a call !



far....far in the east on the hill behind the mountain opposite the river, the real two feet adventure » Hajar Trekking

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