Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porter

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Rinjani Trekkig Guide and Local Porter | Hajar Trekking hires only professional, dedicated and informative Rinjani mountain trekkking guide and porters from the nearest villages in the area of Rinjani National Park who have passed the guiding and handling test. We are keen to develop the Eco Tourism Concept, giving as much as benefits to the local community to improve their standard of living.

Rinjani Trekking Guide: Your Partner for Trekking Rinjani

Rinjani Guide

A professional Rinjani trekking guide who has passed physical and mental examination will have a good ability to ensure the trip as safe as possible. The guides also have been noted their track-record.

A Rinjani trekking guide will lead the trekking tour and be responsible to the safety of clients. If you have personal expectations, please keep consulting with your trekking guide so that any possible misunderstanding can easily be minimized.

Rinjani trekking guide porter


Rinjani Porters: Well-Trained and Friendly Trekking Assistant

Same with a mount Rinjani trekking guide, local porters are also the people who are living on the foot of Rinjani area. They have been doing climbing to mount Rinjani for many many times and for various of purposes.

Since Rinjani becomes popular, lots of tourist come to climb and it is surely has a valuable contribution to the people economy. Many locals get the positive effects.

Now they have routine job which allows them to earn money to improve their quality of life. School age-children are now rarely found breaking their school. Even more and more local students go studying in many universities in the capital of the province.

Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porters Duties

Our informative trekking guides are the representative of our organization, they will lead your trekking Rinjani trip: giving best assist, showing you the ways and  telling information of what you wish to know. Please follow your guides’ advice. Do not leave them especially on the hard climb to the summit. Always do a good communication. Then be a solid team.

Rinjani guide porter

While our porters will carry all of trekking equipment and logistics, with your guide, they set up your tent, prepare for your meals and help you in some ways. Some of them might not able to talk in your language but their expressions will show that they are truly respect and appreciate your visit.

Why Choose Us to Be Your Trekking Guide to Mount Rinjani?

The most fundamental reason why you should choose us to be your trekking guide to Mount Rinjani is that – “We know the mountain better” – We climb the mountain at least once a week. Further more, we have the cheapest service price without a doubt on average standard quality.

Except your personal clothes and day pack, camping equipment are provided and loaded by our porters. Foods and drinks are included and cooked fresh to ensure you have enough nutrition for the climb. We organize all of your transports from arrival to departure as well as an accommodation where you stay before attempting the climb.

Our trekking package also varies to let you have a wider choice to suit your budget, how much time you have, ability to walk, fitness level and your main adventure expectation.

Is it Compulsory to Hire Rinjani Guide and Porters?

The authority of Rinjani National Park has issued a notice which is clearly signed in the front of Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC) office in Senaru. the notice stated Foreigners are not Allowed to Climb Mount Rinjani without a Guide or Local Porter”.

Rinjani trekking guide

From the notice we got to know that climbing without guide is forbidden.

“An organized trek is by far the easiest, safest and most popular option but it is also quite possible to make all of your own arrangements and just hire equipment from one of the trekking centers on the mountain. Rinjani Park regulations stipulate the use of a certified guide so the people at the centers at the start of the hike are not happy to let you climb Rinjani without guide. With a lot of patience and explanations you can sign a paper which says that you are responsible for yourself and not the organization. You will still pay the entrance fee, but it is by far the cheapest option to walk by yourself.” – Wikitravel


For tourists it’s easier and far more practical to join a trek organized by a commercial company. You get a complete package including the entrance fee, guide, porters, food, water, tent and sleeping gear as well as transport to the mountain and back. You can book these packages at any tourist office in any city on the island of Lombok, and they will pick you up from your hotel, do the tour with you, then drive you to the Gilis, Sengiggi, Mataram, the Airport or Kuta afterwards. Bojidar (1001 Unforgetable Trips)


Are you looking for a guide to Mount Rinjani? Need more information? Then please, give us a call !


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