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Rinjani trekking tour

NOMADasaurus.com – Blog: “How to Plan Your Epic Mount Rinjani Trekking Adventure”

We are so happy to see our brand was mentioned in one of the world largest travel blog – NOMADasaurus.com. If you want to read a full writing and tips related to Mount Rinjani trekking experience with Hajar Trekking, or want to read many others of wonderful post, please...
7 Essential Tips for Surviving Mount Rinjani Trek

Jane & Stephen AKA MyFiveAcres.com: Writer and Adventurer – Blog: “7 Essential Tips for Surviving a Mount Rinjani Trek”

Hajar Trekking was really happy to have a visit from a couple of international adventure travel blogger and full-time yoga nomads: Jane Mountain and Stephen who did a 3-day Mount Rinjani trekking adventure with us which they definitely love. They described their experience and...
Catherine Ching and Mount Rinjani tour

CATCHINGTRAVELS – Blog: “Conquering The Sleeping Beast – Mount Rinjani 3D2N”

Hajar Trekking is very happy to have a honor to assist Catherine Ching with 2 of her colleagues. She is a adventurer and a travel blogger who just started blogging as soon as she completed her Rinjani climb. Below is quote of her story: “… I first read about Mount...