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Rinjani trekking tour

NOMADasaurus.com – Blog: “How to Plan Your Epic Mount Rinjani Trekking Adventure”

We are so happy to see our brand was mentioned in one of the world largest travel blog – NOMADasaurus.com. If you want to read a full writing and tips related to Mount Rinjani trekking experience with Hajar Trekking, or want to read many others of wonderful post, please...
7 Essential Tips for Surviving Mount Rinjani Trek

Jane & Stephen AKA MyFiveAcres.com: Writer and Adventurer – Blog: “7 Essential Tips for Surviving a Mount Rinjani Trek”

Hajar Trekking was really happy to have a visit from a couple of international adventure travel blogger and full-time yoga nomads: Jane Mountain and Stephen who did a 3-day Mount Rinjani trekking adventure with us which they definitely love. They described their experience and...
Catherine Ching and Mount Rinjani tour

CATCHINGTRAVELS – Blog: “Conquering The Sleeping Beast – Mount Rinjani 3D2N”

Hajar Trekking is very happy to have a honor to assist Catherine Ching with 2 of her colleagues. She is a adventurer and a travel blogger who just started blogging as soon as she completed her Rinjani climb. Below is quote of her story: “… I first read about Mount...
Mount Rinjani Trek Organizer

The Best Rinjani Trekking Organizer

Mount Rinjani Local Trekking Tour Package Organizer Since Mount Rinjani becomes more and more popular as tourists destination in Indonesia, more and more tourists from all over the world come to see its scenic sites it has to offer. Climbers from all over the world who come have...